My impact on Aussie Economy

Gastbeitrag von Doc Wight, Melbourne

Dear Readers,
Tilman Slembeck travels Australia examing its economy but fails to point out to his readers the destruction he causes Australian breweries by having only one light beer each night. This has a micro impact on our macro economy and will reflect badly on Australian-Swiss relations. What Australian only has one beer a day when travelling in Switzerland or when setting up a secret bank account.

Further, Tilman causes great havoc with the lunch trade by carrying around his own crackers. Several bakeries have gone broke as a result of Tilman’s buying much less Australian food than the Government budgeted for!!!!

Tasmanian economy stutters when Swiss economics professor misses out on a glorious unique cruise to Bruny lsland when he prefers to drive up the East coast and buys the cheap petrol further robbing tasmanian businesses of profit! Explain that to your wife and readers!

To be continued…

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